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Thankyou for sending me lots of wonderful images from the congress and thankyou for your kind emails. In the near future i will finalise the material on the CD in which you will all receive a copy of. Presentations from speakers and also additional congress notes will be available on there as well. If any of you have any information you would like to submit to be uploaded onto the CD please get in touch with me by friday 1st May.

I also need to let you know that i will no longer be working at Creative Paper Tasmania. I actually moved to Launceston in November 2008 becasue my husband Lindo got a job there. I stayed specifically to follow through with the congress, but now it is time for me to move on. I don't feel sad about it because Burnie will always be my home town and Creative Paper and now IAPMA will always be a part of me. I am often in Burnie so I will visit regularly. A new Manager will be appointed in the near future, however i am still following up on congress paper work etc so please feel free to contact me. Actually i would love it if you could please stay in touch. My home email address is magreen24ster@gmail.com

I hope you all stay in touch with the rest of the team at Creative Paper. You will always find updates on CPT's website www.creativepapertas.com.au

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P.S. Hope you like the blog - i am new to this so please forgive me for the time it took)

Day 5 - Report (Farewell)

IAPMA president Helene Tchuscher and Korea 2010 Congress Convenor

Pasting sheets from Wendy Cain's contemporary watermarks workshop

Rosalind Lawson workshop

Pieces from Janine Morris's workshop

Large New Zealand Flax sheet

Monday 30 - Day 5

On the Monday of the congress over 10 workshops were held through out the day in the morning and afternoon sessions. These workshops gave IAPMA participants the opportunity ‘to get there hands dirty’ and learn new techniques in relation to paper making, paper and fibre art! One of the highlights for this day was forming a large sheet of paper with New Zealand Flax and American paper artist Lynn Sures using a Pulp sprayer, on loan from paper makers of Victoria, to make patterns on the sheet.

Monday evening we held the fare well dinner at Bayviews restaurant on Burnie’s West Beach. Guests were treated to a magnificent 4 course meal as well as an array of Tasmanian wines and beverages.

We decorated the venue with origami paper flowers made by Hideyo, Tasmanian origami artists, and each guest received a farewell box of chocolates from Anvers.

Day 4 - Report

29 March – Day 4 Paper Market

Today was another highlight of the congress. On this day we collaborated with the Burnie City Council to promote our IAPMA paper market and a Burnie ‘Makers market’ that occurred when there happened to be cruise ship passengers in town. We promoted the market fully to cruise ship passengers and the local community, which resulted in a very successful day for paper makers, IAPMA and artists of Burnie. The Civic Centre was swarming with people and the quality of work was spectacular.

There was also a community paper dress design competition run by the Burnie City Council which was on display during this day.

In addition to the market there were demonstrations by local artists and by paper kite Maker from France Therese Uguen, Ritchie Ares Dona (Brisbane) and Hideyo (Golden Valley, TAS) as well as an activity station for IAPMA delegates to work with local Tasmanian fibres and paper to contribute to a congress collage. It was a busy well visited event that was successful artistically and financially!

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Day 3 - Report

28 March – Day 3
Cradle Mountain day trip

At eight am sharp Saturday morning IAPMA participants boarded buses for Cradle Mountain. Our first stop was the Wilderness Gallery where we had the chance to view the exhibition ‘Strata’ as part of Ten Days on the Island. It was a hand made paper/ photographic exhibition.

After morning tea we made our way to Cradle Mountain Lodge. 20 fortunate participants had the opportunity to venture off with John Wolseley for a wilderness workshop. They took with them hand made paper, drawing boards, camping chairs and a picnic lunch. We didn’t see them again for 4 hours as they were absorbed in the Wilderness.

For the rest of us it was leisure and networking time in one of Tasmania’s most pristine wilderness areas. A wombat made an appearance on cue and the weather was perfect for the most spectacular view of the mountain. Guests were also treated to a sit down lunch at the Cradle Mountain Lodge.

In the evening the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra event was enjoyed.

Day 2 - Report

Helen Roberts Hill

Mr Wolseley

Burnie Mayor Alvwyn Boyd

Burnie's Fern Glade

27 March - Day 2
Presentation day

Today the IAPMA congregation spent the entire day at the Burnie Civic Centre and were treated to a diverse range of presentations from paper makers, paper conservators, paper artists and an inspiring Key Note address by John Wolseley. John’s key note address was one of the many highlights experience through out the presentation day. Participants commented on the great diversity of the presentations and also the International quality of the speakers.

For dinner this evening we delivered the IAPMA participants to fern glade where a gourmet BBQ was enjoyed outdoors. After a busy day of concentrating and listening, the dinner featuring fine Tasmanian food and wine was a welcomed relief. A few delegates also attended the Ten Days on the Island event ‘Tequilla postcards’ after dinner.

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Day 1 - Report

Images from day 1

Ok so i am pretty new to using blogs. Decided to start by doing one day at a time. Greetings from Burnie! Michelle Wubbolts

26 March – Day 1
Paper mill Tours and Exhibition openings

International, national and local paper makers and artists swarmed the city of Burnie when the congress program officially commenced on the 26 March. Our 121 IAPMA guest were treated to a Burnie paper seminar and then tour of Australian Paper Mill to learn about commercial paper making. After the commercial Mill tour delegates then had a Creative Paper Tasmania tour to learn about how we maker our hand made paper.

For lunch a spectacular gourmet Tasmanian feast was arranged outdoors on Creative Paper Tasmania’s front lawn. It was pouring with rain, but the moment our IAPMA guests arrived the sun come out which made for a refreshing and crisp lunch underneath Creative paper's large deciduous tree. It was magnificent. In the afternoon we were fortunate to have ABC radio doing a live broadcast from Creative Paper studios who interviewed a range of guest paper artists and event organisers.

In the evening the IAPMA congregation were invited to attend the opening of the Ten Days on the Island events at the Burnie City Council Atrium and at the Burnie Regional Art Gallery. The event was also the official opening of the IAPMA congress exhibition New paper Old Land. 5 exhibitions were opened in total this evening. A man playing a ‘sousaphone’ escorted the group from one venue to the other.

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Pictures from Congress

Hi Everyone - I am going to just keep downloading pictures on to this blog. Feel free to comment or ask questions and i will do my best to answer them - Michelle Wubbolts

Pictures from the congress - Thank you everyone!!

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