Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 5 - Report (Farewell)

IAPMA president Helene Tchuscher and Korea 2010 Congress Convenor

Pasting sheets from Wendy Cain's contemporary watermarks workshop

Rosalind Lawson workshop

Pieces from Janine Morris's workshop

Large New Zealand Flax sheet

Monday 30 - Day 5

On the Monday of the congress over 10 workshops were held through out the day in the morning and afternoon sessions. These workshops gave IAPMA participants the opportunity ‘to get there hands dirty’ and learn new techniques in relation to paper making, paper and fibre art! One of the highlights for this day was forming a large sheet of paper with New Zealand Flax and American paper artist Lynn Sures using a Pulp sprayer, on loan from paper makers of Victoria, to make patterns on the sheet.

Monday evening we held the fare well dinner at Bayviews restaurant on Burnie’s West Beach. Guests were treated to a magnificent 4 course meal as well as an array of Tasmanian wines and beverages.

We decorated the venue with origami paper flowers made by Hideyo, Tasmanian origami artists, and each guest received a farewell box of chocolates from Anvers.

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